Hungry For Change Day with Fr Ignacio Blasco SJ Saturday 2nd of November, Amigo Hall, London

We would like to invite you to a day set aside for our campaigns work. Campaigns are a key part of our work to end world poverty and have shown time and again that they are well worth the investment. If you’d like to see a quick review of the difference campaigns have made then click here:

On November the 2nd, we will gather together in Amigo Hall, next to CAFOD’s Head Office in the grounds of Southwark Cathedral, just a short walk from Waterloo train station. It will be a good and inspiring day, not least because we have a special guest – Fr Ignacio Blasco from Guatemela. Fr Ignacio is a CAFOD partner who is supporting his parish community to deal with the challenges of malnutrition and climate change. He is apparently a very good speaker.

Fr Ignacio Blasco

Fr Ignacio Blasco

During the day we will hear an update on our continuing Hungry for change campaign and learn a bit about our new Climate Change campaign launching next May.

We will also provide some feedback on the IF campaign, of which CAFOD has played a key part, in addition to a short input on lifetyle linked activities such as fairtrade parishes.

For those keen to hear about livesimply Parish awards and share experiences of working a Parish through the award, then you can arrive early (10 am) for a session specifically around that.

For a timetable, click on the following link: Campaigns Day Timetable Saturday 2 November 2013

If you would like a poster to display in your parishes, click on the following link: Campaigns Day Poster with Fr Ignacio Blasco SJ 2 November 2013

Alternatively, if you would like us to send you a poster, then let us know and we will do so.

You may like to put an announcement in your Parish newsletter. The following may be suitable:

Change the world with CAFOD campaigning – Donating to CAFOD is a wonderful thing to do, but we can also make a profound difference by campaiging – raising our voices, signing petitions, writing to MPs etc. CAFOD are holding a day about campaigns on Saturday the 2nd of November in Amigo Hall, a short walk from Waterloo train station. We will be joined by Fr Ignacio Blasco, a CAFOD partner from Guatemala. See the poster at the back for more details or contact the CAFOD office on 01483 898 866 or It will be an inspiring day!

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