What Your Money Can Buy This Harvest

The 4th of October is Harvest Fast Day. Harvest is traditionally a time where we celebrate the gifts of creation and share them with those in need. For a long time CAFOD has asked people to pray and fast in some way on the first Friday of October and to make a donation to help our work with the poorest people of the world.

People often want to know more about our work and how their money will be spent. I have recently seen some of the amazing projects we support in Peru and can witness to how they are giving people hope and long term independence. It is hugely important for us to tell people about our work – so they can know how we spend their money and to inspire them to keep giving. Would you be willing to speak at Mass for us. If so, get in touch at arundelandbrighton@cafod.org.uk

Mother and Baby

For this Harvest Fast day we have made some posters which show people what sorts of things their money can buy. Please do print them off and display them in your Churches, schools or where-ever you would like to. If you would like to be sent some posters in the post then contact our CAFOD office and we would be happy to send you some. If you are a Parish Volunteer then please do let us know before the 27th of August and we will include them in your Harvest Fast Day pack. Please let us know which posters you would like and what size (A3 or A4). Just click on the following links to download the posters.

1 Bees HFD 2013

2 Bees 2 HFD 2013

3 Chickens HFD 2013

4 Chickens 2 HFD 2013

5 Goat HFD 2013

6 Malnutrition 2 HFD 2013

7 Malnutrition HFD 2013

8 Mother and baby 2 HFD 2013

9 Mum and baby HFD 2013

And finally, this year Harvest Fast Day is on the feast of St Francis. What a perfect combination! What a perfect opportunity to organise a simple Harvest Supper for your Parish. If you would like any help then do let us know. We have produced some St Francis info/prayer leaflets if you would find them useful. They can be found on our secondary school resources page


If you would like any printed and send then do get in touch soon.

Thanks for all you do to support our work with those in need.

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