The World is Full of Heroes

I’ve met many new people this past two weeks and many of them are heroes. They may not have a cape (although I bet some of them do) or have the kind of super powers that would immortalise them on the pages of a comic, but they are heroes nonetheless.

I’ve met people who have given up their lives – loved ones, careers, comforts, home – to help build the Church, evangelise and serve people in some of the poorest areas of the world. I’ve met people who have fought long and hard on behalf of people who needed their help. I have met people who serve the outcasts, the poor and those who aren’t easy to help, those working in incredibly difficult situations. And I have met people whose super hero power is the ability to help other people be the heroes they can be. In many ways these are the most inspiring.

Christ Lives (Or something like that)

Christ Lives
(Or something like that)

Someone inspiring once said how he came so that all might have life to the full (John 10:10b). He lived. died and rose again so that we might have a full life in all its meanings. Many of those heroes that I have met this week live, struggle, die to self and rise again every day so that many of God’s loved ones can have a fuller life. They are my heroes.

Someone once said that ‘there is a you-shaped hole in the universe, fill it!’ and I couldn’t agree more. If I can fill my space like any of the people I’ve met this week then I’ll be filling a pretty big and important place in the universe.

I know many people give to CAFOD and I want to say thanks to them, echoing the thanks that I heard many times this past couple of weeks. I want to say thanks to them because they make so much good work possible.  Their donations help countless numbers of people live a life which is much more ‘to the full’. Their donations help other people be heroes.

It’s not just Lima that is full of heroes, the world is full of heroes.

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