I am bowled over, metaphorically speaking

Today we met two groups of people and I am bowled over by the work that they do. Bartolomé De Las Casas Institute and CEAS, the Peruvian Bishops’ Social Action Commission are both excellent organisations. I will try to encapsulate just some of the work that they do, but event the five hours we spent with them wasn’t enough to hear about all of their work so I have no idea how I am going to try to reduce it down to a couple of blogs, but I will try. It might take me a day or so though so please be patient with me. Also the internet here is too slow in the evening so it won’t work if I try to do it now.
From a personal point of view it has been a great day seeing parts of the church work in situations and ways which are incredible. We know and see that the Church is alive and active in the journey to justice in the hope that some day everyone will be able to live life to the full. We’ve heard of hindrances to the work of justice but we know these obstacles are being overcome. We see sure hope that the Kingdom of God is a reality, here and now. Get involved.

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