Eamonn has a taste of Parish Life in Lima

This morning has been a nice relaxing day in comparison to other days. One of the aims of this trip is for us seminarians to experience Parish life in a developing country. We have seen the local parish, run by the Columbian Father, who over sees 12 large chapels and 60,000 parishioners. We have seen how the Columbian Fathers are constantly helping the community to grow and develop as they continue to build, churches, community centres, catechetical halls, schools, health advice centres and the list continues. All of this is aimed at help the community to grow and form together.

The Chapel of Santa Rosa, one of the twelve chapels in the Parish

The Chapel of Santa Rosa, one of the twelve chapels in the Parish

In a sense, the encyclical (Lumen Fidei) is really being lived out. The integration of faith and love ad how faith transforms is clearly evident in the prayer and good works that happen here among the Church. Our Holy Father say it better than I could: “Faith transforms the whole person precisely to the extent that he or she becomes open to love. Through this blending of faith and love we come to see the kind of knowledge which faith entails, its power to convince and its ability to illumine our steps. Faith knows because it is tied to love, because love itself bring enlightenment. Faith’s understanding is born when we receive the immense love of God which transforms us inwardly and enables us to see reality with new eyes.” (Paragraph 26.)

Please pray for the people of Peru and the work happening, may it continue to be enriched by faith and love, to empower the continuation of development and growth of people’s souls and their lives.

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