Martin, Louie and Eamonn make it safely to Columban Central House in Lima, Peru

(L to R) Eamonn, Martin and Louie outside their accomodation in Columban Central House

(L to R) Eamonn, Martin and Louie outside their accomodation in Columban Central House

I am happy to say that we have made it safely to Peru and have been greeted by the welcoming Columban Community. Louie, Eamonn and I are here to see some of the great work that CAFOD supports in Lima. I was named after St Martin De Porres who ministered in Peru and is buried in Lima so I’m delighted to be over here. I know the work that we support is great so I’m very excited to be seeing it. We’re writing this after around sixteen hours spent in a plane plus a few in some airports so pardon us if we’re a little brief today, but I just wanted to introduce Eamonn and Louie as between us we’ll be trying to let you know all about our experiences.

Hi, im a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Southwark and am privilaged to be involved in the CAFOD Peru/Brazil WYD trip.
Well, we survived the sixteen hours on a plane and now after a year in the planning, we’re finally here! I’ve lost all sense of time since we’ve been in three diffrent times zones with 24 hours. Lima is a world away from Kent, with my first impression of a dusty, traffic jammed city, with lots of colourful but poor buildings. The Columban centre is very welcoming and an is a peaceful oasis in the City. I know I have a lot to see and dicover in Lima which is bound to provoke serious thinking and challenge my outlook. This is the City of Martin De Porres, the humble lay Domincan who was close to the poorest and now I visit his many successors, who serve Christ in the poorest of modern Lima.

Hola! I’m a seminarian for the diocese of Brentwood, who are big supporters of Cafod, particularly among the youth diocese. It is my great privilage to be visiting Peru and Brazil, including WYD 2013 with CAFOD.
After a short flight of sixteen hours we are now in Peru and just unpacked. The roads are busy with drivers who clear have a different philosophy to driving than we do in the UK (although not to dis-similar to Essex!) The sound of drums and joyful voices from the school, which is just next door to the Columban centre that we’re staying in is great, it only adds to the excitment of getting involved with the Cafod projects with the Church here in Peru! Bring on tomorrow!!

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