Creative Christianity, Singers and Songwriters Perform and Pray for Enough Food IF

Creative Christianity

An evening of worship and music from local Christian Singer-Songwriters

On Wednesday evening in St Mary’s, Ryde’s Hill, Church Hall a group of local Christian singer-songwriters came together to pray and play to raise awareness of the IF campaign and give glory to God.

The evening started with lively, contemporary worship led by Tony Ryce-Kelly and a worship band from St Saviour’s Church in Guildford town centre.

Tony and the Worship Band from St Saviour's

Tony and the Worship Band from St Saviour’s

With the bar open and an excited atmosphere, the MC’s Martin and Hannah welcomed everyone to the event and explained the hopes of the campaign, the joy of working together with other denominations and introduced the acts.

Paul McMahon was the first to take to the stage to give us his delightful songs which could be described as in the ambient genre. Paul sang his compositions based for example on Psalm 8 ‘When I see the heavens…what is man that you keep him in mind’ inspired by the London riots, or about asking for heaven on earth. Musically talented and funny, Paul was a great start to the entertainment of the evening.

Paul rocking St Mary's

Paul Rocking St Mary’s Church Hall

After Paul we had a short video explaining one aspect of the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign. This video can be found at

We were then delighted to introduce Eliz Cooke who had travelled from St Albans for the event. Eliz is a talented guitarist, bass player and as we found out during her song, a beautiful singer. Eliz sang of a ‘Beautiful God’ with music that and creativity that showed forth some of that beauty. Eliz can be followed on Twitter as @Ms_Eliz

Eliz Cooke with 'Beautiful God' and a beautiful voice

Eliz Cooke with ‘Beautiful God’ and a beautiful voice

Eliz stayed on the stage to provide expert bass-based accompaniment for none other than CAFOD’s own Martin Brown (@MartinCAFOD). Martin sang and played his song ‘Come Let’s Cry Out’ about moving towards God followed by ‘Flame Alive’. He explained that the song was based on the famous poem by St John of The Cross, a sixteenth century Carmelite, who wrote incredible poetry. Sr Marjorie Flower (Rest In Peace) had translated the poem in a marvellous way which kept the meaning and the beautiful poetry of St John. Martin had added the tune and we were all treated to a song that had taken centuries for it to be written.

Martin singing a very old poem

Martin singing a very old poem

After the second IF video the incredibly talented songstress Hannah Dee took to the stage. Hannah, also the MC, CAFOD volunteer and co-organiser of the event, sang a set of songs which showed her talents as both a singer and a songwriter. The best way to describe Hannah would be to point you towards her Youtube channel

Hannah Dee, Deelightful

Hannah Dee, Deelightful

After our final IF video we were delighted to welcome back to the stage Tony and the band who sang and worshipped with Tony’s original songs. They were spiritually rich and varied, and his singing and worship leading was inspiring. It was a great and powerful way to draw what had been an amazing evening.

Tony and the band from St Saviour's

Tony and the band from St Saviour’s

We would like to especially thank Ian Hunt who served at the bar all evening. Ian was a great help and the atmosphere, or the event wouldn’t have been the same without him. Likewise another big thanks goes to a different Ian who provided all of the sound equipment and lighting and made sure we all sounded fantastic on the night. Like all of CAFOD’s work, we couldn’t do what we do with-out so many people willing to help out. We’d like to thanks all those who performed and helped out on the night, and all those who came along to worship God and learn about our campaign Enough Food For Everyone IF. The final exciting link where you can make all the difference is

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