El Salvador comes to Camberley and Bagshot

Camberley and Bagshot Catholic Parish recently played host to two very special visitors from El Salvador, Julia and Sandra. The Parish has just started supporting the community of Puentecitos in El Salvador through CAFOD’s Connect2:El Salvador. Julia and Sandra both live in the village and were chosen to represent the people of the village in the visit to the Parish.

Julia, pictured below in the pink jumper is very active in the local Catholic community.  She coordinates two women´s groups and a children´s group.  One of the groups runs a catering business which was supported by CAFOD.  Sandra, pictured below second from the left, is 19 and is an active member of a women´s group, coordinated by her neighbour, Rosa Idalia.   Together the group make soap (a business recently supported by CAFOD) and baskets.

Julia, Sandra, Sarah and Jo with John at the SVP furniture store

(R to L) Jo, Sandra, Sarah and Julia with John
at the SVP furniture store

Jo Carroll from the Camberley and Bagshot Parish CAFOD team arranged an afternoon of hospitality for Julia and Sandra. We visited the local Saint Vincent De Paul furniture store in Cove. Our visitors were amazed to see the incredible work done by John Looby and his team in the SVP. We then went on to visit Jim Kelly at his allotment. Julia and Sandra had a lot of questions about what sorts of vegetables he grew there. On or two of the varied crops even challenged the translation skills of Sarah Smith-Pearse from CAFOD’s Latin America team who was accompanying our visitors.Our visitors with Jim at the allotment

After some delightful tea and cakes back at the Parish our visitors were able to rest while the Parish team set up the hall for our evening’s event. There was an amazing choice of food laid on for the Parish and Julia and Sandra. People had made such an incredible effort in welcoming our visitors. Even the salad was fantastic!

After the meal Julia and Sandra showed photos and talked about their life and their experiences back in El Salvador. They spoke of the difference support from CAFOD has made and also shared their hopes for the future and showed examples of their handiwork – soap and a basket. They even gave a hand-made prize for the raffle.

The evening was a great success. Jo said:

“We really enjoyed having the opportunity to have Julia and Sandra and of course Sara to our parish on Friday. I think everyone feels the project has really come alive since listening to them speak. It was a great evening and definitely our most successful –thanks also to Fr. Richard who is very good at promoting our CAFOD events. The money raised from profit on tickets sales, the raffle and several generous donations from people unable to come was £648.90 – this is a great start to the project. We have an excellent team who just make everything come together on the day.”

We’d like to say a great big thank you to Jo, Fr Richard and the rest of the Camberley and Bagshot Parish volunteers for hosting such a wonderful event, for their hospitality and warmth.

To hear about what else our visitors got up to, then stay tuned until next week…


2 thoughts on “El Salvador comes to Camberley and Bagshot

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