Camberley and Bagshot Parish hosts Brian Clarke and CAFOD A&B and Thirsts For Change

Arundel and Brighton CAFOD supporters were Thirsting for Change at in Camberley on the 15th of March. Brian Clarke from the University of Surrey’s Centre for Environmental Health engineering gave a fascinating and humorous talk on issues of water in development, particular in areas of humanitarian disasters. Brian was able to speak from much personal exprience and with a great deal of passion and expertise on the matter.

A good crowd from all over the Diocese came to the event which featured our Thirst For Change campaign. We are calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to call on world leaders to prioritise Water and Sanitation and make concrete commitments to ensure the Water and Sanitation Millennium Development Goal. For more information on our campaign see the webpage

We heard that there has been considerable progress in improving access to clean water to millions of people throughout the world, but there is still much more to do with around 783 million people still not having access to clean water and 2.5 billion people not able to access basic sanitation.

Many thanks to Camberley and Bagshot Parish and our local volunteers for hosting the event, Brian Clarke for speaking in such an engaging way and all those who came along to make it such a memorable evening.

We have until the 1st of May to take part in the campaign, so please just click on the following link to make a big difference to millions of people.

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