On 1st December, millions of people will stand in solidarity with those living with and affected by HIV and AIDS

The international theme for World AIDS Day 2011 is Getting to Zero, echoing the UNAIDS vision of achieving “zero new HIV infections, zero AIDS-related deaths and zero discrimination.”

This vision mirrors CAFOD’s own belief that a full and effective response to HIV must include prevention of new infections, care and support and advocacy on HIV related issues.

World Aids Day

This World AIDS Day marks 30 years since the first identified cases of AIDS. We’re seizing the chance to ask David Cameron to declare his commitment to bringing an end to HIV and AIDS within a generation.

A clinical trial in 2011 provided evidence that HIV treatment helps prevent HIV infection, reducing the risk of transmission by 96 per cent. Combined with other effective prevention methods and addressing the root causes of the pandemic, it could break the cycle of new infections.

This would save millions of lives and billions in future treatment costs. A modest increase in funding in the short term, and focus on the most at-risk groups could save 12 million lives by 2020.

Please call on the Prime Minister to lead the world in bringing an end to AIDS;


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