Campaigns – An Extension, An Animation, An Energiser, An Act of Solidarity and A Deadline

Thank you for all those who campaign on behalf of the poor in our World.

There is an extension to the ‘Get Down to Business Campaign’, we can now send in the postcards until the 31st of July, so please do complete that card if it still sits on your coffee table, or pop them on tables during coffee or a soup lunch at your parish, or even drop them off at work, in a staff room or wherever you might have access to.

To help explain what the campaign is about, we have produced  fantastic short animation. This can be viewed and downloaded from It’s possible to play it in a Church or school, assembly or class room or whereever people gather. Please do consider showing it to others, putting a link to it on your Facebook or twitter (other social networking sites are available) or promoting the campaign.

There is a Campaigns Energiser on Saturday the 9th of July in Romero House, our Head Quarters in the grounds of Southwark Cathedral. This will be a great time to learn about what is happening with campaigns at the moment, what the plans are for the future and what a difference has been made by previous campaigns. If you are interested please contact the office on or 01483 898 866 for more information.

Many of you will know about the big changes that are happening in Sudan at the moment. Please hold the people of Sudan in your prayers, to help, there is a novena available from  We have the chance to send messages of support and prayers to the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ conference. Please see for more information, to order prayer cards please contact us on or phone 020 7095 5692.

Finally, the deadline for the ‘Open up the books’ campaign is approaching. We have until the 1st of July  to call our UK government to reform the law so that big businesses open up their books about their business overseas. Please see for more information about this important campaign which is gaining momentum.

May the Spirit of God enlighten our minds, guide our efforts and grant success to those who strive for justice.

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