Indonesia: After the Volcano – Its not over yet

Mount Merapi emitting smoke

 Mt Merapi which has been erupting since the 26 October, spewing blisteringly hot toxic gas and molten lava.

The £30,000 that CAFOD has given has helped provide food, mats to sleep on, blankets, soap, shampoo, nappies for the babies, towels, tooth brushes, toothpaste and masks to protect people from the ash and toxic gas that still clog the air.”

Almost 32,000 people have been helped already, but their work is far from over. As well as providing emergency supplies to the villagers, there is also the helping for people to be able to deal with the psychological effects caused by the disaster and helping them decide the best way to rebuild their communities.

Seven local parishes are working together along with Nahdlatul Ulama, the largest Islamic organisation in Indonesia to reach the people affected by the eruptions. A national radio station, Tri Jaya Radio Jakarta, has been a great help, broadcasting news about Mt Merapi’s eruption, motivating people to donate to Karina Kas and wanting to help them distribute their services to people.

The devistation is still there and people can not rebuild their lives or communities yet: these people still need aid and prayer.

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