Tackling Global Hunger

Global Hunger is something that is on the increase.  Food prices are rising and the poorer people are feeling the pinch of these extra costs.  Everywhere is seeing the increase in prices, causing a global rise in hunger and starvation. 

Global Hunger concerns all countries: rich and poor.  People within the UK are also experience an increase in hunger and a minimising of food expenditure; so imagine the effect on developing countries who are experience starvation.

Bexhill and Hastings World Development Movement group Bexhill Fairtrade group have organised a talk at St Mary Magdalene’s Hall, Bexhillto highlight the issues surrounding the increase in food prices.  The talk is being hel on Saturday 12th March 2011 from 11 am to 12.30 am; with an introductory coffee at 10.30am.

For further information on directions or the talk then see the attached leaflet: Bexhill food event March 11 (2), or contact

Denis at luceys@talktalk.net or 01424 845225 or Jack: jackdoherty@sky.com or 01424 214605.

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