Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fornight  –  Show off your label 

Fairtrade Fornight is coming and it gives us the chance to promote the awareness of Fairtrade.  Fairtrade Fornight occurs from the 28th Feburary until the 13th March, with various eventsbeing held that allows you to show your support forFairtrade.

Why Buy Fairtrade Products?

 Fairtrade is about better prices, better working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for farmers that work within the developing world.  This means that by buying Fairtrade products, you are supporting farmers within the developing world.  It enables the farmers to recieve a larger share of profits and income from their grown goods, enabling them to continue producing their food and therefore mainting a way of living and income. 

Fairtrade products are now available in more varieties of food such as chocolate, fruit and vegetables as well as rice, juice and fresh flowers.  Also, Fairtrade products are also available in other forms such as clothes, bags and household furnishings due to Fairtrade cotton  and umerous beauty products, that are available through your highstreet stores. 

To continue the support of Fairtrade products and raise more awareness of Fairtrade and the benefits; Fairtrade Fornight enables the chance to promote further the benefits of Fairtrade and how people can support it in simple and easy ways.

How can You Support Fairtrade?

Fairtrade Fornight is holding various events to encourage people to use and purchase Fairtrade products.  Two events are being held within Guildford during the fornight as detailed on the leaflet: FairtradeFortnight2011 Flyer[1] ‘Fairtrade in the 21st century’  on Friday 4th March and then ‘show off your label fashion show’ on Friday 11th March.  So come along to these free events where everyone is welcome and have a unique night out while also making a difference to someone else’s life. 

Other ways that you can still support Fairtrade Fornight is by visiting the Fairtrade website:  www.fairtrade.org.uk  which is packed with loads of ideas and resources that will help promote and support Fairtrade.  A full list of Fairtrade products that are available and suggestions of other methods to support it.  The Church Action Guide being available, with prayers and resources to mark the fornight in the liturgy.   Along with the support of CAFOD, which is a proud founding memember of the Fairtrade Foundation and can provide resources to help you promote Fairtrade.

Also another way to get involved is by using some great Fairtrade baking receipes or simply swop a supermaket own product to a Fairtrade product instead.  We have selected a few popular recipes that will be great to make, also check out the Fairtrade website.

Sliced Baked Bananas

Banana Pudding

Avocado dessert


Seasoned Rice

Fairtrade Hot Chocolate

Spelt bread

Bara brith (welsh bread)

Chicken Marrakesh

 Couscous Rainbow Salad


Some Easter Recipes

crispy cakes

Pancake recipe

Cupcake recipe

Easter Truffle Recipe

Chocoloate Nest Cakes

Creme Egg Tart

Lemon Shortbread Biscuits


More recipes to follow…

Aternatively, if you have some recipes you’d like to post then please do feel free (as long as it doesn’t impinge on anyone’s copyright etc).

Check out the Fairtrade Foundation’s recipes for a whole host of delicious recipes…


NB/Some of the recipes above contain nuts, other allergenic ingredients and may involve baking, ovens and hot subtances or potentially dangerous kitchen equipment. If these are likely to cause harm to anyone in the making or eating, please ensure they are adequately informed of the ingredients, or adequately supervised in the cooking. Thank you.

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