“Super typhoon” hits northern Philippines

Emergency services are on alert today, as a “super typhoon” known as Typhoon Megi has caused devastation in the northern Philippines.

The northern provinces of Cagayan and Isabela are on the highest storm alert, as the typhoon struck on Monday morning.

Heavy rain and winds of up to 225km/h (140mph) have killed at least one person and thousands more have been left homeless, by the strongest storm the Philippines has faced for four years.

The last storm of this magnitude in the Philippines was in 2006, when winds of 155km/h led to the deaths of around 1,000 people. However, since then the region has seen smaller but still highly destructive storms, and we’re still working with communities to rebuild the damage.

Forecasters classed Megi as a “super typhoon” – a typhoon with sustained winds of at least 150mph – as it made landfall, but weakened slightly as it made its way across the northern Philippines.

CAFOD regularly responds to emergencies through the National Secretariat of Social Action (NASSA) or Caritas Philippines.
We’re currently in communication with NASSA to monitor the extent of the destruction caused by Typhoon Megi and determine the immediate needs of the affected communities.

This is a particularly challenging situation given that we are still responding through NASSA to the ongoing needs of communities affected by last year’s devastating typhoons.

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