Local Climate Lobby


CAFOD, along with the Stop Climate Chaos (SCC) coalition, is organising a local climate lobby of MPs on 5-6th November. This will be a great chance to lobby your MP in the run up to the international climate change talks in Cancun, as well as on some domestic energy issues that will be going through Parliament this autumn.

 SCC will soon be launching an online map with details of all the lobby events which will allow you to see what is being organised in your area and sign up to join in.

Could you volunteer to lead on a lobby event in your constituency?

You’ll need to liaise with your MP to set a date and time (we recommend you leave this until nearer the time, once you know how many will attend), keep the SCC website updated with details of your event and coordinate with others who sign up to join in the lobby. You might also want to promote the event locally and/or involve the local media.

 SCC will be producing a guide with all the information you need to organise a local lobby. If you’re interested in getting involved, please email Lucy at lhurn@cafod.org.uk with your name and constituency. Once the SCC website is set up we’ll contact you to add your details onto the map.

(To receive the Monthly Campaigns Update by email contact ckelling@cafod.org.uk with your name, address and postcode.)

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