Walk to Church Sunday

A  fabulous CAFOD volunteer Rita Belletty, from St John Bosco parish in Woodley, is coordinating a very worthwhile initiative this summer, which any parish can easily join or simply replicate at any other time of the year. She has invited parishioners (not only from her church, but from all churches across Woodley) to “Walk to Church” on Sunday 18th July.

You might want to join Rita in her efforts and hold a “Walk to Church” event in your parish on Sunday 18th July too – or if this is not a convenient date, any other date throughout the year will also work!

Are you planning to hold a “Walk to Church” event? Leave a comment to this post to let us know, or drop us an email in the office (arundelandbrighton@cafod.org.uk)

We will then write to the Prime Minister,  with a simple but effective message: to let him know that people across the UK are concerned about climate change, are taking practical steps to reduce their carbon footprint and want the government to take a leadership role. 

A big thanks to Rita for her great enthusiasm and ideas!

One thought on “Walk to Church Sunday

  1. Maybe this is a start but I am afraid I find it far from convincing. If we really believe climate change to be serious then it requires a serious response. And that has to be a response 365 days of the year.

    ‘Walk to church Sunday’ implies not walking (or cycling) on 51 Sundays of the year. In this day and age with all we know about the need to be energy efficient and conserve resources etc then that is some admission. I would ask why anyone other than infirm or disabled people are doing anything other than walking (or cycling) to Church any Sunday of the year ?

    Maybe this is the beginnings of a conversation about how much we really do care about climate change and how far we are prepared to go to change our lifestyles on a regular, routine sustained basis. If its not then I’m afraid it really shows how far we have to go rather than how committed we are.

    I really don’t think that ‘we walked to church last Sunday’ is going to convince number 10 of anything that it is not already convinced of – ie that the public are vaguely concerned about climate change but believe that the solution is ‘out there’ somewhere and that we are not yet ready to take really radical steps that would significantly change our way of life / standard of living. Though we do care enough to take part in one off events.

    I hope its a start though.

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