It’s a goal!

By the time you read this England should have advanced to Stage 2 of the World Cup but at the same time 72 million children around the world couldn’t read this because they’ve never been to school.  With this in mind, perhaps we can do more this summer then just cross our fingers for the England team.  ‘1Goal’ is a campaign seizing the power of football to ensure that education for all is a lasting impact of this year’s World Cup,  bringing together footballers, fans, charities, corporations and individuals to lobby and achieve that goal. CAFOD supports ‘1 Goal’ and you can sign up at

Lack of education is a prime reason why some young people turn to crime and drugs. A football school has been the catalyst in helping young gang members in two of El Salvador’s most violent communities to leave lives of drugs and crime. Team Nahual  provides around fifty young people with training, local tournaments,  a safe place to talk about their lives and drug rehabilitation help. CAFOD’s partner in this area is actively involved with this project and you can help by donating to CAFOD in the normal way. You could, of course, also help by buying either a mini football from CAFOD’s World Gifts or a Fairtrade football, or even share this message in our own classrooms by using CAFOD’s new youth football resources, available online at:  After all, we wouldn’t want you to think this wasn’t an article about football!

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