Gaza: Take action now to end blockade

At CAFOD, we believe that the people of Gaza deserve the chance to rebuild their lives. Annabelle Williams, who works on CAFOD’s Middle East programme says:

“Every four out of five Gazans are now reliant on aid. They urgently need the material to repair their homes and they must be given the opportunity to provide for their families.

“The Israeli government must lift the restrictions on Gaza’s borders to allow all supplies in, allow goods to be exported and people to cross the borders freely.”

Send a personal letter to Foreign Secretary, William Hague, to call an emergency international conference to lift the Israeli blockade on Gaza. Act now to help end the blockade.

With the eyes of the world focused on Gaza, the UK government has an opportunity to show real leadership in bringing about an end to the crippling four year blockade. The words are there:

“There can be no better response from the international community to this tragedy than to achieve urgently a durable resolution to the Gaza crisis.” William Hague, 1 June 2010.

“The blockade is neither justified nor sustainable… it has created a humanitarian catastrophe. This incident has shown that we need to move towards removing the blockade.” Nick Clegg, 2 June 2010.

But words must be followed by action. The UK can call for an emergency international conference to lift the blockade of Gaza, allowing the free movement of people, humanitarian aid and commercial goods. Please show your support for bold action by sending a personal letter to the Foreign Secretary, William Hague.

Writing a letter is one of the most powerful actions you can take. It sends a strong signal to politicians that this is an issue that matters deeply to you.

For sample text see:

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