Harvest Fast Day is October 2

Millions of people just like Margaret in Kenya are struggling – spending years working their way out of poverty only to be knocked down again by events beyond their control. The financial crisis is a final nail in the coffin.

We are all feeling the effects of recession. High exchange rates means the financial support we offer is worth around one-third less than last year – it is a challenging time but we will not give up on the world’s poorest when they need us the most.

Please support Harvest Fast Day – and help us continue to reach out to those in desperate need. There are loads of ways you can help:

Donate online

Fundraise for Fast Day
Seven posters to choose from
Powerpoint of the slideshow featuring Margaret from Kenya
Two mass talks (one short, one longer)
Suggested content for parish newsletters
Prayers, homily notes, and a children’s liturgy
Diary organiser to help you prepare

Make Your Money Count
Download games, videos, music, and recipes showcasing the lives of young people in Brazil – all to help you fundraise with young people

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