There is still time to do the Power to Be campaign in your parish

We all have dreams. What are yours?

What do you want the Power to Be?

Every child has the power in them to achieve great things. But with one in six people still living without electricity, the hopes of millions of the world’s children are too often a distant dream.

Local, renewable energy is usually the cheapest, fastest and most efficient solution to bring power to the poorest communities. It can help families to lift themselves out of poverty, without harming the world we share.

In our Power to Be campaign we are calling on the World Bank to ensure the world’s poorest people can access renewable energy. Over 27 thousand people have added their names and called on the World Bank to switch towards funding local, renewable energy but more are still needed.

We have various resources for your parish such as a liturgy and a campaign guide but perhaps we’d suggest three simple, low-effort ways you could introduce it to your parish as we approach Advent and Christmas;

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Chertsey join Godalming, Worthing and Thames Ditton in Sainsbury’s Fairtrade Campaign

Sainsbury’s is the largest retailer of Fairtrade products in the UK. They have decided to abandon the Fairtrade certification on some of their own-brand tea products in favour of their own scheme called ‘Fairly Traded’. African tea farmers oppose this move as they are concerned that they will no longer have any say in the running of the scheme, or get to decide where the money raised by the scheme should be invested. CAFOD is campaigning to try and get Sainsbury’s to reinstate the Fairtrade certification.

Libia Rolden and Rev. Michael Hynes man Lydia's Fairtrade Stall at St Anne's, Chertsey

Libia Rolden and Rev. Michael Hynes man Lydia’s Fairtrade Stall at St Anne’s, Chertsey

CAFOD supporter Libia Rolden has decided to get involved with the Fairtrade campaign. She has obtained 65 signatories on a petition asking Sainsbury’s to reconsider its decision. She has also set up a monthly Fairtrade stall at St Anne’s church in Chertsey and plans to take her stall to other parishes in the area. CAFOD supporters in Godalming, Worthing and Thames Ditton have also joined the campaign, by protesting outside their local Sainsbury’s.

If you want to get involved, click here to find out more about what action you can take.

What Makes the Difference?

Martin Brown Community Participation Coordinator for CAFOD

Martin Brown Community Participation Coordinator for CAFOD

I was recently interviewed by someone doing a research project on the approach and attitude of churches towards climate change. It was a very interesting set of questions and the most was left for the end: ‘What really makes the difference between a church being active or not?’

During the interview we talked about different priorities that different Christians or Catholics have and how high ‘care of creation’ ranks in those priorities.

We talked about Pope Francis’ letter, Laudato Si (on the care of our common home), his call to action and how he joins together the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. We talked about how one of the chapters is called ‘The Gospel of Creation’ – how God is revealed to us in creation and how creation itself is a good thing. We talked about how this Gospel is under threat and how strongly we would act if humanity were gradually cutting bits out of the Gospel according to John or Matthew.

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