What do Camberley and Bagshot, Cambodia and Pyramids have in Common?

The CAFOD team in Camberley and Bagshot parish have shared with us an excellent way by which they involve their parish in CAFOD’s mission.

‘It’s a simple idea.’ Said Jo Carroll, CAFOD’s parish volunteer and team leader. ‘We give out pyramid boxes in June and we collect them later – mainly in September. That’s it.

‘We have been doing it for a few years and it has taken a little while to properly get going but people are now used to the idea.’

Camberley and Bagshot poster for CAFOD Pyramid Boxes for Connect2: Cambodia.

Camberley and Bagshot poster for CAFOD Pyramid Boxes for Connect2: Cambodia.

The parish is part of Connect2: Cambodia whereby the build a relationship with one of a few CAFOD-supported communities and raise funds for this support. Having this relationship is a win-win situation. The parish community gets to know a community abroad, knows where their funding is going but is under no pressure to raise particular amounts of money at any particular times. It’s also great for the focus community; not only are they supported but they know that people thousands of miles away care about them and are praying about them.

CAFOD group at Camberley and Bagshot

CAFOD group at Camberley and Bagshot

‘This year,’ Jo said, ‘People brought in their boxes and together they contained over one thousand pounds.’ This is an amazing amount and can make such a difference. As it says on the parish’s poster, small change can make a BIG CHANGE.

Our thanks go to Jo, the CAFOD team and all our friends and supporters in Camberley and Bagshot – not least those who count the change!

So to answer the question, What do Camberley and Bagshot, Cambodia and Pyramids have in Common? The answer is CAFOD’s Connect2: Cambodia.

To order pyramid boxes or many other resources such as prayer cards, T-shirts or books, please go to the on-line CAFOD Shop.

Connect the POOR to the POWERFUL! Sign up to be a CAFOD MP Correspondent

Big Ben

CAFOD needs more people to volunteer to be a MP Correspondent (MPC). MPCs lobby their local MP on issues which affect people living in poverty around the world. This can be done either by writing to your MP, or by meeting your MP face-to-face, for example, at a constituency surgery. By doing this, we can ensure that the voices of the poor are heard by those in power and so result in changes in government policy.

Picture of child by CAFOD.jpgDon’t worry! You don’t need to be an expert on the issues on which you campaign. CAFOD will write to you three or four times a year to provide you with all the information which you will need to contact your MP.

Click here to find out more about being an MP Correspondent. Make today the day that you sign up to make a difference!

Amount raised in 2017 for Connect2: Cambodia tops £2000

Soup lunch poster

Camberley and Bagshot Catholic Parish held a soup lunch on 30 November which raised £310 for Connect2: Cambodia. This brings the total raised in 2017 for this Connect 2 scheme to just over £2280. Amazing!

Connect2 is a scheme which allows your parish to connect to one of five countries: Cambodia, Brazil, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Peru. You will receive updates about a community in your chosen country, and in return you can support that community by praying, fundraising and providing updates from your community.

If you would like your parish to sign up to Connect2, click on this form.  Meanwhile, our thanks to Camberley and Bagshot for their continued and generous support of Connect2: Cambodia.